Road leads to Hall of Victory

3D technologies for new State Museum of Great Patriotic War History in Minsk

Construction of the museum is currently in full swing. “Of course, it won’t lose its classical features but we’ll be using 3D technologies and information resources, with artefacts and documents viewable via info-kiosks. Visitors will be able to ‘visit’ the Museum of Great Patriotic War History in Moscow or Kiev, touring the displays. The system will also link to other museums boasting similar exhibits. We think it’ll be interesting,” notes Sergei Azaronok, Director of the Belarusian State Museum of Great Patriotic War History.

The new museum will boast a gallery allowing visitors on the second floor to look down upon the first floor. “The idea is to show the path taken by the war: the road to Victory, to be more exact. It will progress up to the second floor before entering the dome of the Hall of Victory,” explains Mr. Azaronok.

Walking through the museum, visitors will be able to trace events from the beginning of military action to the final stage, with the dome of the Hall of Victory resembling that of the Reichstag. “It is deeply symbolic, as a Belarusian flag will be flying overhead. Belarusians took part in the assaults on Berlin and on the Reichstag at the end of the war. It will be a very interesting exhibition,” adds Mr. Azaronok.

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