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Road expansion in major directions planned for country

In coming years, all regional centres will connect with the capital via top level motorways, enhancing the attractiveness of these transport routes for domestic and foreign carriers

By Andrey Romanov

“Minsk-Mogilev highway reconstruction is to be complete by September 1st, 2012,” notes the Deputy Head of the Department for Road Network Management (at Belavtordor Department), Yevgeny Rokalo. He explains that this will be the first 1st category highway leading to the regional centre.

The Gomel highway is next in line, with works launched in late 2012. In future, roads leading to Grodno and Vitebsk are to undergo reconstruction. Moreover, in 2017, the second Minsk ring road should be ready; two 85km sections are planned, with the ring road covering almost 160km.

Road tolls are to be introduced along newly repaired highways. “We are currently calculating tariffs but we’ve ruled that Belarusian passenger car drivers will be exempt. We expect others to pay just 3-40 percent of the fees applied in Poland, Germany and elsewhere,” Mr. Rokalo adds.

It’s too early to speak about revenue from tolls but, last year alone, the М1 generated over $60m. Funds can then be spent on improving other roads: almost 1,000km of Republican roads are to undergo repair in the coming years. Moreover, 40km of roads need capital repair this year. As Belavtodor explains, many more need reconstruction.

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