Rise of 36 points in UN E-Government Survey

Belarus climbs from 84th (in 2008) to 48th place in United Nations E-Government Survey

Russia has moved up to 30th position from 63rd (33 points) in the UN survey, while Kazakhstan has risen from 91st to 78th (13 points). “Among Customs Union member states, Belarus has shown the highest rate of growth in IT infrastructure over the last two years. This allows us to satisfy the increased needs of citizens, business and the state,” emphasises the Ministry of Communications and Informatisation.

The UN E-Government Survey for 2012 — E-Government for the People — has been published by the UN Department for Economic and Social Affairs. It examines the institutional framework for e-government and the ability of state bodies in over 190 countries to use information-communication technologies to render state services. 

The e-government composite index comprises three indicators: the volume and quality of online services; the level of development of telecommunication infrastructure; and human capital. Meanwhile, countries are divided into several regions. Belarus is within Eastern Europe — alongside leading European states. The countries of Eastern Europe have improved their e-government development by 16 percent on average but have failed to maintain their final rankings — except for Belarus and Russia. In all, Belarus has improved its position by three points, occupying 61st place among 193 countries.

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