Rhonda Larson performs Kupalinka

American Grammy Award-winning flautist and composer performs her version of Belarusian folk melody at Belarusian State Philharmonic Society, accompanied by Ventus band from the USA

By Timofey Antonenko

Ms. Larson told journalists that the melody is one of her favourites, explaining, “It’s so recognisable and mysterious. When I began working with the tune, it remained in my head for four days. I was singing the melody day and night (not the words, as I don’t speak Belarusian). I adored it and truly think that it’s one of the most wonderful melodies I’ve ever heard.” She notes that she does know what the song is about.

Ms. Larson enjoys music from around the world but is most keen on Celtic music and is convinced that music unites people. She explains, “Music stops conversations and gives us something positive. Today, there was a whole hall of listeners with different opinions about everything in the world but we were all inspired in a similar, yet different way, as our souls share the same language.”

The talented flautist, who first visited Minsk a decade ago, likes to combine elements of melodies from various nations with jazz, classic and Celtic motifs. Her performance with Ventus saw a full house at the Main Hall of the Belarusian Philharmonic Society.

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