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Revival of forgotten masters

18th international Image of the Motherland in Visual Art plein air opens in Alexandria agro-town
The current forum consists of two parts. From early to mid-July, ten young Belarusian artists from the Mogilev, Gomel, Vitebsk and Brest regions, alongside those from the city of Minsk, worked in the Shklov District, depicting the beauty of local landscapes. The second stage is being held in early September and will bring together professional artists from Belarus, Russia and elsewhere, gathering at the museum-estate of the prominent Russian painter Vasily Polenov, near Tula, before touring the most picturesque sites in the Mogilev Region.

In October, the plein air will be exhibited at the Pavel Maslennikov Regional Museum of Arts, in Mogilev. Some pictures created will be bought by museums in the Dnieper River area, while the rest will be presented to the Maslennikov Museum of Arts (according to established tradition).

“One of the major goals of the plein air is to revive the forgotten names of our prominent fellow countrymen and painters,” notes Anatoly Sinkovets, who heads the Chief Culture Department at the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee. “The present forum is dedicated to Robert Genin.”

Robert Genin was a Belarus-born representative of the Paris painting school, born in 1884 in the village of Vysokoe, (Klimovichi District, Mogilev Province). He studied in Munich and Paris, painting communist clubs in France and creating monumental works, as well as ordinary canvases. Later, he moved to Moscow to teach fresco work and easel painting at the Proletarian Artel studios, in the Vladimir Region’s Mstyora.
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