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Revenge for defeat

Belarus’ national ice hockey team rehabilitates in the game against Switzerland as part of EuroChallenge
The first of two matches was hosted at Molodechno where Dave Lewis’ trainees lost in extra time — 1:2. At the beginning of the second period the score was opened by Belarusian Roman Dyukov. Meanwhile, the Swiss managed to equalise in the final period and bring the game into extra time, where the guests were luckier and Grégory Hoffmann scored the victorious point.

Andrey Stas created dangerous moments near the Swiss national team’s goal

The next day both teams moved to Minsk, with Dave Lewis’ squad taking their revenge at Minsk-Arena, defeating the Swiss in regular time. After the first period the hosts were losing 0:1, missing Grégory Hoffmann’s early puck. Meanwhile, in the second period the Belarusians scored three times, with Andrey Filichkin scoring and Alexander Pavlovich distinguishing himself twice. The second and third pucks were scored within a minute. In the final period, during the 58th minute, Grégory Hoffmann reduced the gap, bringing the score to 3:2 in Belarus’ favour.

By Igor Grishin
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