Revealing women’s souls

Alena Adamchyk’s Bielaruski. Women of Europe to become bibliographic rarity

By Yelena Prusova

The Director of the National Library of Belarus, Roman Motulsky, believes that the five volume edition will soon join the museum of rare books and is convinced that it will enjoy popularity among readers.

“I didn’t search for differences between Belarusian and European women during my work, since Belarusians are European women already,” notes Alena. “I’ve striven to reflect the shared ambitions, hopes and dreams of all women. I’ve depicted our lives clearly, via the language of photography.”

One of the characters of the book is honoured master of sports, calisthenics star and Olympic champion Marina Lobach. She admits that this was her first experience of participating in such a project. She is grateful to Ms. Adamchyk for helping us view women with new eyes. “Women can be charming, interesting and mysterious when a true master takes their photograph,” smiles Ms. Lobach.

Alena Adamchyk is a famous Belarusian photographer and a master of creating lively portraits. Her first exhibition — Nude Veritas — was organised in 1992, in Warsaw. Later, her works went on show all over Europe. Prestigious Vilnius gallery Vartai has named Alena the first photographer who’s revealed colour in photo art. She has also been named the best colour photographer in the USSR.

In 2004, Alena began working on her first edition of Bielaruski, featuring our countrywomen. Its presentation in Vilnius and Belarusian Logoisk was a success. Later, the project transformed into Women of Europe, conquering Europe. After the presentation of her project in Monaco, Alena was inspired to create another edition, entitled Women of Monaco. It features globally known women, such as Shirley Bassey, Princess Camilla of Bourbon, Monika Bacardi and Sophia al Rashid. Princess Caroline of Hanover has written the opening foreword for the book.

Last year, Ms. Adamchyk released her fifth album, featuring famous women of Belarus who live not only in Belarus but abroad. Bielaruski. Women of Europe contains 12 lively portraits.

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