Revealing new and old routes

National tourist treasures included in Tourism Mosaic of Belarus

By Tatiana Biryukova

“Mottled and simultaneously bright, the multi-coloured spectrum of treasures creates a mosaic which forms the basis of the book’s concept. A mosaic must have a ground. In our case, it is grounded within the unique landscape,” noted the Director of the National Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Arts, Ethnography and Folklore, Alexander Lokotko, presenting the edition at the National Library of Belarus.

The book is the result of an innovative project, using fundamental and applied research in the field of folk and professional art, ethno-cultural processes, folk and traditional culture and architecture — conducted by the Institute of Arts, Ethnography and Folklore.

Authors Alexander Lokotko, Olga Knyazeva, Yevgeny Morozov and Olga Izotova have demonstrated how tourism is developing in Belarus, looking at 52 local districts. Our complex historical-cultural heritage is dissected, providing a unique guide for tourism industry workers and ordinary Belarusians as yet unfamiliar with all the treasures their homeland has to offer. The book describes customs and crafts found in each region, while focusing on the most outstanding sites.

Belarusian souvenirs are also featured, in addition to cities and villages connected with memorable military events and heroic deeds by Belarusians.

Tourism Mosaic of Belarus is not the first book to be published on Belarusian culture. In 2010, the National Library hosted the presentation of Architecture of Belarus. According to Mr. Lokotko, the Institute of Arts, Ethnography and Folklore will continue to release such books, with foreign language editions planned for the future.

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