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Belarus’ 2010 currency earnings from exporting road transportation services may reach pre-crisis levels

By Olga Burmistrova

According to the Chairman of BAMAP Association, Nikolai Borovoi, the first ten months of 2010 saw $537m generated by Belarusian international road carriers. The positive balance stood at $320m — up 1.2-fold on 2009. In October 2010, over $65m was received from road transportation services and, in December, this figure was expected to match the same level. This will bring currency earnings to a level approaching that of the pre-crisis year of 2008.

According to Mr. Borovoi, the Belarusian fleet of international road carriers consists of over 11,000 automobiles; of these, 8,000 travel roads internationally, with 4,000 operating within the CIS. In total, Belarusian road carriers liaise with 42 countries worldwide.

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