Results of past decade

Belarusian Steel Works (BMZ) joins one of the world’s largest automobile and aircraft tyre producers — French Michelin — for long-term co-operation

Zhlobin recently hosted talks between high ranking officials from two industrial giants: BMZ and Michelin. The two companies already boast a high level of co-operation, with our plant supplying 17,000 tonnes of metal cord (or 17 percent of its total sales) to the French company last year, in addition to 6,000 tonnes of bead wire. As regards the volume of sales, Michelin occupies second place among the Belarusian plant’s European consumers.

The parties are confident that mutually beneficial ties can be extended, with volumes of orders raised. Michelin recognises BMZ as the best producer in its field and, in 2009, acknowledged it as the best supplier of metal cord and bead wire. Next year, the partners shall celebrate the tenth anniversary of their liaison, with a new long-term contract likely will be concluded to mark the date.

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