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Final stage of FIS Freestyle Ski Cup held near Minsk, with Belarusians winning two medals

Results of aerial season summed up in Raubichi

Final stage of FIS Freestyle Ski Cup held near Minsk, with Belarusians winning two medals

Belarus’ Maxim Gustik was placed second, while Alexandra Romanovskaya took bronze in the final standings, and Belarusian Anna Guskova came close to winning a medal — occupying fourth place.

Prize winners of FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup stage in Raubichi

After the awards ceremony, Ms. Romanovskaya admitted that she hadn’t expected such a good result. “I’m always anxious when performing at home. I’m delighted with my bronze. I had strong rivals among the top six but they began to take risks, complicating their jumps, which brought failure, and low points from the judges,” she said.

American Christopher Lillis unexpectedly won gold, with both his attempts in the finals being successful. The judges recognised his supremacy. Belarus’ Maxim Gustik performed his super-final jump perfectly, as he later admitted; however, he failed to beat the American. Meanwhile, Belarusian Stanislav Gladchenko was placed fourth.

Anna Guskova’s jump

The medal — won by Mr. Gustik during the 2015/2016 World Cup round — is his second, following victory in the Beijing World Cup round. He notes, “It’s pleasant to be among the winners at home: I’ve trained a great deal on local slopes but never won a medal until now. The American won today. Unlike his more experienced rivals, he didn’t take risks in his final jump. He performed well in the air and landed successfully. We — more experienced sportsmen — tried to demonstrate more complicated jumps, which influenced our final points. I took a risk, as I needed to climb the ranks, and took a World Cup medal as a result, which I’m delighted with. Although I’m pleased with my performance at Raubichi, I’m not so happy with the overall season. I could have won the World Cup’s overall standings.”

In the overall standings, Alexander Abramenko of Ukraine has been placed first — followed by Maxim Gustik. Russia’s Piotr Medulich is placed third, with 244 points. Among the women, the Crystal Globe has gone to America’s Ashley Caldwell. Belarus’ Alexandra Romanovskaya has been placed third in the World Cup results and Anna Guskova has finished the season in 11th place.

By Igor Grishin
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