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Research and museums assist film director

Shooting of film about Marc Chagall launched in Vitebsk
By Olga Bogomarova

The film is being directed by famous producer and People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Alexander Mitta. A Jewish district has been created along the bank of the Dvina River for the film’s set, while some locations in the historical part of Vitebsk’s centre will also be used.

As usual, Mr. Mitta is refraining from revealing much about his work. As is traditional, shooting began with the breaking of a plate against the camera stand. However, he promises to reveal more soon.

Previously, Mr. Mitta has told us that the full-length feature film is to be entitled The Miracle of Chagall. Its second title, according to the film director, reflects the idea more fully — Commissar Chagall and Citizen Malevich. The film explores the difficult relationship of the two geniuses in Vitebsk from 1918-1921 and Malevich’s struggle for ‘young minds’. Another emotional element is introduced via Marc’s wife Bella.

While writing the script, the director used research by Valery Shishanov, the Deputy Director of the Vitebsk Regional Local History Museum: Vitebsk Museum of Contemporary Art: The History of Creation and Collections. Mr. Mitta was also assisted by the Marc Chagall Museum and the Contemporary Art Centre.

Shooting will also take place in St. Petersburg. Mr. Mitta hopes that his film about Chagall and Malevich will promote the arts while also attracting greater attention to Vitebsk, which so inspired these geniuses.
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