Reputable status of strategic partner

Belarusian Steel Works awarded ‘Best Supplier of 2010’ title by American Eaton Corporation

By Valery Sidorov

Among Eaton’s 1,000+ suppliers, the title of ‘Best Supplier’ (in the hydraulics sector) has been awarded to the Belarusian plant, in addition to Belmet (Austria) and BKS (USA). The awards ceremony was held at the European headquarters of Eaton Hydraulics, in Switzerland, attended by a Belarusian delegation.

The Belarusian producer’s recognition as Eaton’s strategic partner is due to the high quality of its products, its well-developed supply logistics and quick response to consumer needs. BMZ and Eaton began collaboration in 1999 and, in 2005, the Belarusian plant was first named its ‘Best Supplier’.

Eaton is among the top three global producers of hydraulic equipment. Founded in 1911, this transport company has since transformed into a transnational corporation, selling to 150 markets and employing nearly 70,000 people across the globe. In 2010, its sales reached $13.7bn.

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