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Rent for symbolic fee

Belarus and Azerbaijan to ‘exchange’ land lots for placing diplomatic representative offices

Belarus and Azerbaijan are granting each other land lots for placing diplomatic representative offices, with conditions of ‘exchange’ stipulated in an inter-governmental agreement. A draft was recently discussed at a session of the House of Representatives’ Standing Committee for International Affairs and Links with the CIS.

According to the agreement, Belarus will be able to lease a 0.5 square hectare area in a central Baku district (Khatainsky District, Rafiev Street, 1210 block). A complex of buildings is to be built on the site for the Belarusian Embassy to Azerbaijan explains Vitaly Busko, Chairman of the Standing Committee for International Affairs and Links with the CIS. He adds, “Construction is to be launched this year and should be finished by mid-2013.”

Meanwhile, Belarus is to lease Azerbaijan two land lots (0.25 square hectares each) in Minsk, near Starovilensky Tract for the Azerbaijani Embassy to Belarus and near Skorina Street for the residence of the head of this diplomatic mission.

Mr. Busko notes that the agreement envisages allocation of land lots on lease terms for a 99 year period for a symbolic fee of $1 per year. He tells us that the agreement was signed on July 8th, 2011, in Baku, during an official visit by the Belarusian parliamentary delegation to Azerbaijan. It will enter into force once both sides fulfil necessary inter-state procedures. According to the Foreign Ministry, Azerbaijan has already notified Belarus of the fulfilment of inter-state procedures. Belarusian deputies plan to ratify the agreement during the forthcoming spring session.

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