Relay race of generations

Mount of Glory becomes centre of celebrations in Minsk Region

By Olga Bebenina

Events featuring the leadership of the Minsk Region have been organised at two other large memorial complexes in the region: at Khatyn and at Stalin’s Line Historical and Cultural Complex.

Veterans joined representatives of labour collectives and young people at the Mount of Glory on Victory Day. Addressing everyone present, the Chairman of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee, Boris Batura, noted the great contribution of the Minsk Region in claiming the Great Victory, as well as the heroism and courage of Minsk Region dwellers.

“It’s impossible to overestimate the contribution of Minsk Region residents regarding our common victory. They fought selflessly against the hateful enemy while experiencing all the troubles and hardships of war,” added Mr. Batura. “The current generation continues the wonderful traditions of the past with dignity and workers in the region aim to preserve socio-economic growth. We look to the future with confidence and are doing our best to preserve peace and happiness on Earth.”

All districts in the Minsk Region have been celebrating the 67th anniversary of the victory of the Soviet nation during the Great Patriotic War. Commemorative services have been organised, with wreaths and flowers lain at monuments to the memory of those soldier-liberators.

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