Region of Mutual Benefits

Alexander Lukashenko met with Governor of Moscow Region Boris Gromov
General Gromov does not have to introduce himself to Belarusians. Alexander Lukashenko noted there were few people in Belarus unaware of the hero who fought in Afghanistan and headed the 28th army of the Belarusian military defense command back in the late 80s. The general himself says the reminiscences about his service in Belarus are always pleasant. Now that Boris Gromov is a well-known and successful politician, the love for Belarus is the basis for stable and mutually beneficial cooperation between Belarus and Moscow Region of the Russian Federation.

Mutual trade turnover is an excellent indicator of mutual benefits. In 2004 trade between Belarus and the Moscow Region hiked 120% to $982.9 million on 2000, which Gromov called the turning point in bilateral relations. Alexander Lukashenko is certain this year will prove even more profitable and export and import operations will hit the $1 billion target.

Boris Gromov is of the same opinion. “Belarus is the key trade partner for Moscow Region in the former Soviet Union. We have a lot in common,” the governor said. The administration of Moscow Region plans to keep strengthening the links between the region and Belarus. Next June and July will see the Days of Belarus in Moscow Region. Such initiatives always give an impetus to mutually beneficial cooperation. Boris Gromov invited all Belarusian regions to take part in the large-scale action. As for Minsk Region, it has signed a direct cooperation contract with Moscow Region. President Lukashenko called Moscow Region one of the most promising partners of Belarus in Russia. He is certain the visit of Moscow Region government will facilitate bilateral relations.

“We are ready to do our best for that Russian region. We feel your support in our endeavor to work in the Russian Federation and the Moscow Region,” the President said. Boris Gromov was decorated with the International Friendship Order for his contribution to the development of economic, scientific and technical and cultural relations between Belarus and Russia. Deputy Chairman of Moscow Region Government Vasily Gromov and Tigran Karakhanov, Minister of Foreign Economic Relations of Moscow Region Government were decorated with the Order of Honor.

by Dmitry Kryat
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