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Region has ambitious plans

Gomel Region farmers have action plan to tackle climate change

The President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, recently met the Chairman of Gomel’s Regional Executive Committee, Vladimir Dvornik, to discuss the region’s development last year, alongside plans and prospects for the future.

Mr. Lukashenko is keen to see the agrarian sphere react to climatic change, saying, “The Gomel Region’s crops and farming should adjust to the climate.” Mr. Dvornik reported that his region has expanded its share of drought-resistant crops — primarily maize.

The development of the Polesie area was also discussed: especially the western part of the Gomel Region and the eastern part of the Brest Region. Mr. Dvornik noted that, in 2011, only two of 16 socio-economic development figures failed to match those of 2010 (housing construction and attraction of investments). Meanwhile, last year, the Gomel Region attracted over $200m of direct foreign injections — triple that of 2010. An investment portfolio has already been outlined for 2012, expecting figures to rise.

The project to develop Petrikov potash salt deposit should inspire further regional development. “It’s a huge breakthrough for industry in the Gomel Region, creating good conditions for people,” Mr. Dvornik emphasises. Mr. Lukashenko has asked that measures be actively implemented to ensure socio-economic development in the Gomel Region.

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