Reflection of Reality

This issue will present lots of products “Made in Belarus” that are ready to conquer the world. Read more for more examples of beneficial international cooperation
President Alexander Lukashenko has met with Belarus’ ambassadors to share his vision of modern international relations and emphasize once again that Belarus’ foreign policy is based on the multi-vector principle. In other words, this country aims at diversifying approaches to foreign countries and international institutions and is eager to build up good neighborly relations and stable business contacts. Belarus advocates peaceful resolution of any conflicts and condemns wars. The country comes out with peaceful humanitarian initiatives, and one of the most recent proposals to invite Lebanese children from the areas hit by the war to rehabilitate in Belarus is now being thoroughly considered in the United Nations Secretariat.

The role of diplomats in promoting the economic and political interests of the country is immense. Over the 15 years of independence Belarus has managed to establish an efficient system of diplomatic self-defense. Speaking globally, the diplomatic power stands behind the serious authority of this country in arms control and prominent role in the Non-Aligned Movement.

Anyway, Belarus’ foreign policy has never been a secret to the international community, and our foreign political priorities are clear.

As for foreign economic relations, it is essential to conceptualize Belarus’ efforts on the world market and convince our partners that Belarus is a reliable partner.

Export remains one of the key national priorities. The country is open for trading partners, and one of the key tasks for the diplomats is to advertise Belarusian products all over the world and facilitate foreign sales.

Starting 2005 Russia and Europe have accounted for almost equal shares in Belarus’ overall exports, which means the country managed to get rid of the dependence on a single market. However, two markets is good, but the more outlets the better. That is why export communication with all potential partners has become a strategic goal for the country. There are many countries interested in buying from Belarus and setting up joint ventures — China, India, Southeast Asian countries, Latin American states…

The official visit of Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez has offered a new opportunity of a real economic breakthrough. It appeared that the Belarusian economy is almost wholly in demand in Venezuela. That country is interested in importing Belarusian foodstuffs, agricultural machinery and trucks. Besides, Belarus and Venezuela may set up joint ventures in the Latin American country on the basis of Belarusian technologies. Also, Venezuela wants to become not only an active consumer of Belarusian products, but also a sort of a springboard to promote Belarus’ interests in the Latin American region.

Politics and economics are interconnected and inseparable. Politicians and economists keep arguing which is primary, but there is no definite answer. Of course, economics influences politics, and politics reflects economic interests.

This issue will present lots of products “Made in Belarus” that are ready to conquer the world. Read more for more examples of beneficial international cooperation.

Viktor Kharkov
Editor of “Беларусь.Belarus”
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