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Belarusian footballers defeat Ireland in friendly match — 2:1

Redeeming play in eyes of fans

Belarusian footballers defeat Ireland in friendly match — 2:1

After a recent major defeat by Northern Ireland (0:3), Belarusian footballers have been eager to redeem themselves in fans’ eyes.

Alexander Khatskevich’s trainees began their match in Cork against Ireland (another Euro-2016 participant) confidently. In the 20th minute, an attack from the right wing ended with a ball pass to the opposite side and Mikhail Gordeichuk’s kick from the corner of the penalty area sent the ball into the far corner of Shay Given’s net. By halftime, no other true attempts had been made at the net.

In the second half, the Irish attacked, obliging our squad to go on the defense, headed by Sergey Chernik. While attacking, the Irish failed to respond to our counterattack, allowing Maxim Volodko to score, thanks to Nikolay Yanush’s pass. The Irish had several opportunities to score but only Stephen Ward’s goal, in the 82nd minute, was forthcoming.

By Igor Svitov
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