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Belarusian masters of computer sport go out on the virtual ring

Belarusian masters of computer sport go out on the virtual ring

Tomorrow in Minsk the games taking place in the framework of the International kiberfestival «TECHLABS CUP 2013» will start. Belarusian Republican Youth Union will support the implementation of this championship in our country.

«TECHLABS CUP» is one of the largest IT-events in the CIS. For the sixth year the tournament attracts tens of thousands of spectators and millions of Internet audience. Its manager is portal of kibersport «».

On the eve of the opening of the Games organizers held a press conference.

— Very much debate today is underway about the benefits and harms of computer sport, about whether to support projects like «TECHLABS CUP», the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the NGO «Belarusian Republican Youth Union» Igor Buzovsky said. We believe that to give one’s attention to this area is necessary. It, in any case, will be exist and developed. Therefore we need to promote giving of this activity an organized format. He also stressed that the Youth League today seeks to master more intensive Internet space, and active dialogue with the masters of computer sport will be only contribute to this.

Kibersport is a youth sport, Project Manager «Techlabs Cup CIS» Alex Burdyko said. It is based on competition of the computer games. Players and teams perform at the professional, semi-professional and amateur levels. Kibersport received a status of official sport in several countries around the world and continues to gain ground. Our championship annually attracts more than 10 thousands participants.

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