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Belarusian trademark Statut awarded gold medal at prestigious International Spirits Challenge-2015 contest in London

Statut is a rather young trademark, having appeared in Belarusian shops in December 2014, to honour the 485th anniversary of the 1529 Statute of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. “We wanted to make a product of which Belarusians could be proud, so we decided to remind our contemporaries of our rich history and traditions,” notes the Director General of Minsk’s Grape Wine Plant, Ivan Trotsky. He adds that Statut’s London victory is the result of its innovative bottle design, which combines contemporary form with historical elements (taken from the printed version of the Statute, one of European’s first constitutions, which survives still).

The bottle’s label features an extract from the Statute: a moral message from King Žygimantas the Old, to the judges, urging them to be objective in following the Statute. The Grand Duke’s original signature is embroidered on one side. Mr. Trotsky notes that the product ‘rests’ before being bottled, and is processed using natural filtration materials, before being purified via the latest diamond filtration technology, helping to achieve a noble character. “Experts at the London contest noted the stylised diamond, which appears imbedded in the bottom of the bottle, ‘hinting’ at this type of filtration,” explains the head of the enterprise.

Statut also won the ISC gold in London, following on its similar first prize at the international Prodexpo-2015 exhibition, hosted by Moscow, several weeks ago. This premium Belarusian product is gaining international recognition on world markets, notes the head of the enterprise. He underlines, “Our high quality product is ensuring us leadership on the domestic market, and high export potential: to 16 countries.”

The International Spirits Challenge (ISC) is the most influential worldwide, receiving over 1,000 applications annually, from 70 countries. Experts view participation as a necessary part of global recognition and its prizes are the most prestigious in the sphere of spirit production, bestowed following ‘blind’ taste testing, conducted over the period of a week, by 50 of the world’s top experts.

By Vladimir Velikhov
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