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Rebirth of Slutsk belts in our modern style

Alexander Lukashenko believes in revival of manufacture of Slutsk belts in Belarus
During his visit to the Slutsk Belts enterprise, the President emphasised, “I’m convinced that we made the right decision in reviving this artefact from the past; it is expensive but worth the cost, as it will remain part of history, forever.”

Mr. Lukashenko was able to observe the technological process of reproducing Slutsk belts and souvenir production at the enterprise, using traditional weaving methods. Belts have been selling well, leading the enterprise to plan an extended range, including a collection for church use.

The Museum of Slutsk Belt History at the enterprise displays belts dating back to the 18th century, as well as modern reproductions. Employees presented Mr. Lukashenko with the first Slutsk belt woven at the enterprise: a copy of an original historical belt, woven with gilded threads and natural silk, 350cm long, 33.5cm wide and weighing 500g. On the same day, the belt was delivered for storage at the Palace of Independence.

Addressing the weavers, President Lukashenko noted their talent and hard work, saying, “It’s good that women’s hands make these beautiful belts, since they convey the warmth, beauty and energy of our women. Your salary is, probably, more modest than you deserve, considering your hard work. I think that the situation with salaries will change by the end of next year, when we’ll be able to start exporting production and raising the prices. The state has invested a huge amount, perhaps not at the best of times. Your belts need to find their market, so that your production is in demand.”

Alexander Lukashenko believes in revival of manufacture of Slutsk belts in Belarus

As a small remembrance of his visit to the enterprise, Alexander Lukashenko signed his name in the guest book at the Museum of Slutsk Belt History. He wrote: ‘It is symbolic that the rebirth of belts has occurred here, in Slutsk. It is a tribute to our respect for masters of the past and a bright acknowledgement of the talent of their descendants — whose skill matches that of their glorified predecessors.’
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