Reasonable desire to become an entrepreneur

Quarter of Belarus’ population ready to set up their own small business

By Anton Denisenkov

According to the results of a recent sociological survey, over 70 percent of Belarusians have a positive attitude towards private entrepreneurship, with over 25 percent keen on having their own business. Around 32 percent prefer to work at a state enterprise, institution or organisation while over 70 percent believe that the current business climate in Belarus promotes the development of entrepreneurship.

Many Belarusian residents are ready to open their own business or be employed by a private firm, with almost 24 percent admitting that private entrepreneurship attracts them with its high salaries. Many believe that the private sector offers opportunities to continue training while bringing benefit to society.

According to the National Statistical Committee of Belarus, almost a quarter of Belarusian workers are employed by small and medium-sized enterprises, producing around 20 percent of the GDP. Over the last four years, the number of small and medium-sized businesses has increased about 1.5-fold — from 56,000 to 87,000. Moreover, almost 250,000 individual entrepreneurs have been registered in the country.

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