Reality of high-tech

Park of high technology to be built in Belarus
Do you know what high-tech is? This term is used to denote development of high technology in the economy as the basis of dynamic development of the state. After numerous discussions it was decided to built Park of high technology in Belarus. Belarusian “Silicon Valley” will be situated not far from Minsk orbital motorway, virtually at the entry to the city where Franciska Skoriny street begins. Now there are only Institute of microbiology of National Academy of science, several unfinished buildings and vast wastelands. However, as such, the location for future high-tech village is quite attractive. Additionally, it already has all necessary communications and engineering infrastructure. It’s only left to decide how to utilize it in most reasonable way.


Ruslan Belogortsev, Chief architect of Minsk, announced that construction of the Park of high technology will involve interesting urban development solutions.
“We are going to create a comfortable environment for creative works. All objects will meet requirements of world science,” — he emphasized in his interview.
Ruslan Belogortsev considers territory of the Park of high technology to be promising and attractive. Belarusian “Silicon Valley” will be situated not far from Minsk orbital motorway, virtually at the entry to the city.
“The very position predefines attractiveness of the object for potential investors,” — chief architect stressed and added that implementation of the project will be arranged in several stages.
People involved in the project do have some considerations on the matter. The plan has been laid out in several sketches. Chief Minsk architect Ruslan Belogortsev says that the Park will inherit an undeveloped building from the Academy of science. The building is 70% ready, so finishing it up should not be very expensive. In addition, there is 50 hectares of land for development. It will be covered with labs and administrative buildings, exhibition and trade centers, houses for Park staff. The development of the whole territory is supposed to take about three years.

It is remarkable that at the very beginning of the project potential partners and investors are demonstrating genuine interest. According to their estimations, work conditions in the Park will be more profitable than in India, famous for the rapid development of software production. These work conditions are regulated by President’s decree, says Mikhail Miasnikovich, chairman of the board at National Academy of science. Another important feature is that the Park will attract young talents. “We met with representatives of the companies that will be working in the Park. They are seriously working with our universities with their eyes on recruiting young employees for the Park,” indicated Mikhail Miasnikovich.

President was satisfied by the first steps on the way to implementing the idea of the Park of high technology. He approved the site sketch as well and noted that every plan needs to be thoroughly calculated, the financing must be extremely efficient and investors should be attracted wherever possible. Alexander Lukahsenko thinks that there is no point in building a science-intensive village on budget money and then inviting somebody to work there. There should be close cooperation with project participants from the first days. As early as next week Government will receive propositions on the statute of the Park of high technology, and after they are approved Park administration will be formed. “Tomorrow a desk should be put over there,” said President pointing at the building, which is to host Park administration. “The manager should be working with people from the very beginning. Let them take part in designing as well as in the building.” Project partakers can submit their new ideas from the very start. It is for them that the Park is built and they will be working here.

by Dmitry Kriat

Draft drawing

1. Office building — representative offices
2. R&D building
3. Office building — representative offices
4. Hotel
5. Buildings of institutes of Belarus Academy of science
6. Conference center
7. R&D building
8. Buildings of institutes of Belarus Academy of science
9. Boulder stone museum
10. Buildings of institutes of Belarus Academy of science
11. Trade center
12. Residential house with service premises
13. Residential block
14. Service premises
15. R&D building
16. R&D building
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