Reality needed from results

The main criterion of the working efficiency of scientists is the impact of the results of their work on the growth of the domestic economy. This was said by the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, when he presented doctor of science diplomas and professor certification to scientific and educational workers
The Head of State paid attention to the fact that last year was very important for domestic science. “Many lances were broken over the direction of the scientific domain of the country and its leader, the Academy of Sciences,” said the President. Alexander Lukashenko noted that, when starting transformations, the country accepted that cutting-edge science is not only a matter of prestige, but also one that guarantees the national safety of the state. “It is very important not to act rashly, but to build a strong Academy and other centres of science as sources of intellectual energy, whence it is possible to get innovative ideas for the successful development of the country,” the Head of State added.

Alexander Lukashenko noted that the country tried to avoid radical, extreme measures and leaned against the opinions of scientists. They actively participated in the development of the complex programme of improvement of the scientific sphere of Belarus, calculated for stage-by-stage modernisation. According to the President, its realisation will allow it to bring the organisational structure of the scientific branch into accord with the requirements of a modern Belarus. It will also provide a priority carrying out of ‘breakthrough research’ focused on innovative production and development of modern information, aerospace, chemical, biological, machine-building and agricultural technologies.

Mr. Lukashenko expressed confidence that Belarusian researchers will take the most active part in its realisation. The President also pointed out that a component part of the program is the improvement of the system of preparation and the certification of scientific manpower; that it should provide an increase in the number of researchers, first of all in strategically important directions for the country, and the development of domestic scientific schools.

Alexander Lukashenko presented diplomas to authors of fundamental works and breakthrough research in the field of natural, applied and humanitarian sciences. “The results gained by you confirm that Belarusian researchers take up advanced positions in different fields,” said the Head of State.

The President congratulated scientists on their Belarusian Science Day and the anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences and wished for them to have new, creative achievements and good students.
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