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Meeting between President Lukashenko and Governor Andrei Turchak tackles development of co-operation with Pskov Region

Meeting between President Lukashenko and Governor Andrei Turchak tackles development of co-operation with Pskov Region

Andrei TurchakOur country has established good interaction with many Russian regions; we can confidently say, with most, including the remote regions of Primorsky Krai and Amur. However, we enjoy warmer relations with some, such as the Bryansk, Smolensk and Pskov regions.

Our shared 300km border brings us close to many Russian neighbours, where residents tend not to recognise ‘dividing lines’. Households help each other, and relatives often live in nearby villages, either side of the official frontier. Being brotherly, we can set an example to others, including with a buoyant trade turnover. This has been growing with the neighbouring Vitebsk Region, although total turnover has been falling since 2012.

Alexander Lukashenko is concerned that trade turnover between Belarus and the Pskov Region is small, being convinced that improvement is necessary: especially as we have much to offer each other. The spheres of agriculture, industry and construction look promising, while our organisations are ready to take part in the design and construction of residential houses, production and sports facilities. Belarusian experts are eager to lay roads, using our technologies and materials, while housing is a sphere in which we have much experience with Russian partners. Homes are a wonderful legacy of collaboration.

The Pskov Region is to host the Youth/Junior Biathlon World Championship in 2017. Of course, Belarus has already organised such an event (as specialists assess, at the highest level). We can offer not only advice but practical assistance, helping create infrastructure.

The Pskov Region is dynamically developing and is now keen to update its fleet of public transport. Being aware of our high-quality buses, local authorities are considering purchasing our automobile and communal vehicles, as well as Belarusian machine tools, to help industrial modernisation.

Belarus also has a tradition of agriculture and working the land: growing flax, reclaiming agro-soil, livestock breeding and a variety of other spheres. The Pskov Region’s Governor, Andrei Turchak, notes his interest in forming liaisons.

Moreover, Belarus boasts excellent experience in developing rural settlements: an area of great use to the Pskov Region, with agro-industrial interaction of particular interest. The renovation of agricultural machinery and collaboration between agrarians is a good starting place, since we have similar climatic conditions.

Mr. Turchak thanked his hosts for the intensive programme of his visit, saying, “We’re interested in the work of free economic zones, having seen those in Vitebsk and Brest. We’re ready to share experience and revive forgotten co-operation, which has always existed between our industrial enterprises.”

By Vladimir Velikhov
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