Rare violin more than an expensive instrument

17th century violin by Guarneri recently played at Belarusian President’s ‘For Spiritual Revival’ awards ceremony
“The acquisition of the violin by Italian master Andrea Guarneri is the first step in Belarus gaining its own collection of unique ancient instruments, similar to those existing in other countries,” believes Eduard Kuchinsky, a professor at the Belarusian Academy of Music.
The ultimate goal is not simply to gather a collection but to promote success, which ancient instruments can bring to Belarusian performers. The first example is from London’s famous Florian Leonhard Fine Violins, costing $230,000: Belarus’ first such expensive instrument. Vlada Berezhnaya, a student with the Belarusian Academy of Music has been fortunate enough to play the rarity several times in Belarus and abroad.
Acquiring Guarneri’s violin for the state is rather like buying a painting by an old master; it isn’t just an instrument but a true work of art. “Andrea Guarneri is one of the most mysterious masters,” notes conductor Andrey Galanov. “Actually, he created few instruments. Even countries boasting great musical achievements may not own one of his violins.”
Mr. Kuchinsky believes that we should aim high and may one day own a violin by Antonio Stradivari or Giuseppe Guarneri (Andrea’s grandson). These are considered to be the best in existence and currently sell for up to a million US Dollars.
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