Ranked first in the CIS and worldwide

930 international observers accredited to monitor presidential elections in Belarus

The Central Commission for Elections and National Referenda of Belarus has accredited 930 international observers for the presidential elections. According to the Commission’s data, 406 OSCE/ODIHR representatives plan to observe the presidential elections in our country, in addition to 257 from the CIS and six from the CIS Standing Committee.

Parliamentarians from other states have also been accredited to monitor the event: 82 from the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, 45 from the CIS Inter-parliamentary Assembly, ten from the Parliamentary Assembly of the Belarus-Russia Union State and eleven observers from foreign parliaments, alongside 24 members of foreign election committees. 48 representatives of diplomatic and consular institutes of foreign states are also to monitor presidential elections, in addition to 41 independent observers. Belarus is ranked first among CIS states and worldwide for its density of international observers: one per each electoral district.

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