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Belarusian Railways hosts presentation of electric freight locomotive, manufactured in China
Railway workers have long anticipated the arrival of the powerful BKG-1 electric locomotive, produced by Datong Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd of CNR, for Belarusian Railways. 

Zhdanovichi station hosted the launch on October 31st, with the engine applauded by various specialists from Belarusian Railways and its head management, as well as by a delegation from the People’s Republic of China, headed by Vice Commerce Minister Jiang Yaoping. Other Chinese officials attended: the Chairman of the Board and Director General of China National Electric Import & Export Corporation, Wang Jinsong; the Chairman of the Board of Directors of locomotive manufacturer China CNR Corporation Limited, Cui Dianguo; and the Chairman of the Board of Datong Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd of CNR, Go Sanzhong. Representatives of various business and banking circles of China also took part, as did diplomats accredited in Belarus and the heads of railway administrations from neighbouring states.

The new electric locomotive arrives as Belarusian Railways celebrates its 150th anniversary — marked on December 27th, 2012. Several investment projects are underway to develop the country’s transit potential, including the purchase of two BKG-1 main-line freight electric locomotives (using Chinese loans). In all, twelve such engines are to be bought, at a cost of $100m. The initial two have been commissioned for the Minsk-Brest, Minsk-Orsha and Minsk-Molodechno lines and will also soon cover Minsk-Osipovichi.
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