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Pure sound for Litesound

Belarus’ Eurovision-2012 entrant for Baku records contest song and prepares for promo-tour of Europe

By Viktar Andrejeu

Litesound has recorded its contest song — We Are the Heroes — at the Music Recording Studio of Belteleradiocompany’s Belarusian Radio, which boasts the latest contemporary equipment. Famous musical producer and composer Dimitris Kontopoulos is working with the group as a consultant. His most successful work to date includes arranging My Number One — for Eurovision-2005 winner Helena Paparizou, and Work Your Magic for Belarusian Dmitry Koldun, as well as writing Shady Lady for Ani Lorak and This Is Our Night for Sakis Rouvas. Mr. Kontopoulos notes, “The studio equipment rivals that of top world studios. Only the best sound recording companies in the world, in Great Britain and Sweden, have similar.”

Dmitry and Vladimir Karyakin, soloists for Litesound, have experience of touring various countries and tell us, “Everything can be done at the highest level in Belarus, so there’s no need to go abroad to seek out the latest technical services. Our national radio can rival any.”

We Are the Heroes, recorded at Belarusian Radio, is to be broadcast across European radio stations while the band sets off on its promo-tour along the continent.

Soon, the Karyakin brothers will begin staging their performance and shooting a video. EuroFest producer Anastasia Tikhanovich notes that there is a wealth of ideas to choose from, initiated by the stage producer and choreographer. She tells us that negotiations are underway with famous stage masters.

Dmitry Karyakin believes that the video is likely to be shot in Belarus. “There are plenty of ideas for the video, as proposed by Russian and Ukrainian music video directors. We want to make the video really memorable. We’ve even received ideas from our fans by email. Our draft theme is that we are facing the end of the world and need to save the planet, so must show everyone how to work together to do so.”

The musicians are also studying Azerbaijani; they are to perform at Eurovision’s second semi-finals on May 24th.

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