Protection of Fatherland no longer prerogative of military alone

On February 23rd, Alexander Lukashenko announced his belief that any attack on Belarus’ sovereignty would be futile. He was speaking at a reception attended by high ranking officials from the Armed Forces and law enforcement personnel. The event was celebrating the Day of Fatherland Defenders and the Armed Forces of Belarus.

By Dmitry Belov

According to the Head of State, this is one of the most revered holidays for Belarusians, since most of the country’s men have served in the army, making them aware of weaponry and tactics first hand, rather than from computer games and action films. Many have also taken part in military conflicts. “Our soldiers have always been defenders and liberators: examples of heroism, determination and courage,” underlined the Belarusian President.

He also stressed that, fortunately, Belarusian troops take part only in simulated wars; however, this doesn’t mean that our army is less than truly professional. It’s the professionalism of the Belarusian military that is the key factor in strategic deterring foreign aggression.

Military events in 2011 included the Union Shield joint operational exercise of the Armed Forces of Belarus and Russia, as well as readiness inspection of rapid response and territorial defence forces, which demonstrated the ability and readiness of the Belarusian army and other security structures to efficiently perform the set targets. According to the Head of State, this fact confirms that the way chosen to ensure security is the correct one. “The high level of patriotism of Belarusian citizens is at the core of the defensive capacity of our Fatherland,” emphasised the President.

Of course, our contemporary world offers ever new challenges and threats. The President believes that information and psychological expansionism coupled with military power still dominates the choice of instruments to resolve international disputes. More and more countries are becoming the target of open aggression under the cover of a specious excuse.
Mr. Lukashenko notes that, at present, the defence of the Fatherland is no longer the prerogative of the military alone. Everyone bears responsibility: from scientists and businessmen, to IT specialists and agricultural workers. Security is reliant on the vigilance of all. He underlines that success requires harmony between military power, science and the exceptional patriotism of people.

The Belarusian President is certain that recent events show the strength of the Belarusian socio-political and economic model, while our defence system has ensured peace and stability, allowing work to be conducted steadily.

Mr. Lukashenko conferred general’s shoulder straps on some of higher officers at the reception and, on the same day, attended a ceremony to lay wreaths at the Victory Monument.

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