Proposals not long in coming

In January, Government plans to submit proposal to President envisaging possible reform of state management bodies

Prime Minister Mikhail Myasnikovich, while introducing National Academy of Sciences staff to their new Head — Anatoly Rusetsky, has noted that ‘some ministries have, to some degree, fulfilled their functions and can now be transformed into new forms of state management, including possible merger of several into a single body’.

He urged journalists not to speculate on which ministries will be affected, but asserted that Belarus is ready to distinguish between the functions of economic activity and state management. “Economic entities should be engaged in economic issues, while authorities must supervise state management issues,” he said. To a greater extent, he believes it’s necessary to delegate authority to local heads, who have gained a good reputation for working with the ‘vertical’ system. They are quite competent managers, able to see the problems of a certain region. “It’s impossible to do everything from Minsk,” Mr. Myasnikovich stressed.

Mikhail Myasnikovich was appointed the Head of the Government after the previous PM resigned.

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