Property under protection

The patent bureau of Belarus gets over one thousand applications for patents every year, Deputy General Director of the National Center of Intellectual Property Yury Bobchenok told a news conference in Minsk
The bureau normally issues about 800 patents to award the most useful inventions, but the figure is expected to go up to 1,000 this year. Besides, there are about 150 applications for industrial models and between 6,000 and 7,000 applications for registration of brands. The number of applications is steadily growing.

The most active patent applicants of the country work for the Education Ministry. In 1993–2005 they accounted for 18% of all patents. About 15% of all patents were issued for organizations with the National Academy of Sciences. The Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Public Health are the third and fourth, respectively.

As of today Belarus has registered about 8,000 inventions of modern Kulibins (Kulibin was one of the most prominent Russian inventors), over 2,000 models, 1,000 industrial samples and 80,000 trademarks.


The Minsk-based Central State Archive of Scientific and Technical Documents was founded 38 years ago. The archive contains urban maps, plans of houses and factories, even those of strategic entities. The archive is located in the ancient building of the former Joseph Cathedral of the Bernardine Monastery in Freedom Square.
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