Promoting ties in various spheres

Vitebsk hosts Information Day on EU Programmes

By Yelena Bondarchik

The event aimed to familiarise the public with EU programmes, promoting their initiatives, explains Oleg Kravchuk, Chairman of the Board of the Vitebsk Alternative Association. During a training seminar, he shared his experience of implementing interesting projects — including those relating to public housing. As a result, several high-rise buildings in the regional centre allow residents to independently solve issues of technical maintenance, repair and site improvement.

Art Without Borders aims to promote international cultural ties in the context of Marc Chagall creative activities. It is being realised as part of a trans-boundary co-operation programme between Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus, overseen by Lyudmila Khmelnitskaya, Director of the Marc Chagall Museum. Polotsk’s City Executive Committee has been working with the EU for some time, notes Igor Zagrekov, from the Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism Department. He reported on the creation of the trans-boundary tourist space, which runs along the Zapadnaya Dvina (Daugava) River — between Daugavpils, Polotsk and Belarus.

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