Promoting privatisation and investment chances

Web allows for fast and convenient access to information
By Inga Petrova

A universal information portal for foreign investors has been launched in Belarus, in Russian and English, aiming to promote the investment opportunities of Belarus online, at 

“Its distinctive feature is its convenient search system, using such criteria as industry, region, size of investment, payback period and the form of foreign capital participation,” experts explain. The database is updated as soon as ministries, corporations, local authorities and interested Belarusian companies provide information.

The site is already displaying about 50 investment projects categorised by degree of implementation. The agency has also prepared a visual presentation — comprising a brief description of the investment project, market analysis, competitive advantages and other information necessary for making decisions on investment.

The site gives potential investors an idea of the investment climate and the benefits of investing in Belarus, while giving advice on how to launch a business in the country, and detailing the guarantees and preferences on which they can rely. Conditions for investment in priority sectors of the economy are presented separately, as are the possibilities of various Belarusian regions to create enterprises with foreign capital.

One section is devoted to the Agency’s work to improve the efficiency of privatisation processes in Belarus. With the support of the World Bank in piloting privatisation, strategic investors for eight enterprises are being sought. The website also offers complete information on those enterprises being privatised and the advanced world technologies used in the search for strategic investors, allowing full transparency. The site has been created with the assistance of the World Bank and International Finance Corporation.
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