Prominent writer’s cultural legacy never forgotten

Yanka Kupala State Literary Museum launches 2012 by celebrating the 130th anniversary of the birth of the Belarusian classical writer, offering Autographs by the First People’s Poet of Belarus catalogue

“The collection of Kupala’s handwritten works gives unique insight into the mind of the great poet, and his cultural values,” the museum staff explain.

The museum boasts true rarities, such as the hand-written Path of Life (previously held by the Belarusian Museum in Vilnius) and the poems Dream on the Barrow and Bandarouna. His comedy Paulinka is on display and the exhibition also features his early poems — written in Belarusian and Polish — alongside his personal diaries and records.

Sadly, such items are fragile, even in the controlled environment of the museum; time inevitably destroys the paper on which verse is written. However, modern information technologies are allowing us to preserve copies for future generations; as the museum staff explain, this is the major goal of the People’s Poet’s book of autographs. It promotes knowledge of Belarus’ cultural legacy and its influence nationally and internationally.

The presentation’s organisers are convinced that the rare manuscripts could encourage interest in Belarus’ wonderful literary legacy; Kupala’s works show him worthy of his status as a treasure of Belarusian, European and, even, global culture.

The presentation launches a series of events devoted to the famous writer’s jubilee.

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