Project to assist in joint co-ordination

Belarus, Ukraine and Poland to set up trans-boundary Zapadnoe (West) Polesie Biosphere Reserve

The unique project will enable our three states to unite their efforts in protecting flora and fauna, while preserving rare wetland eco-systems and hydrologic systems in the Polesie area. “The reserve aims to more efficiently manage nature sites and conduct joint scientific programmes and investigations, revealing the newest habitats of rare animals and plants. This will help us bring them under protection,” notes Alexander Rachevsky, the Head of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Ministry’s International Co-operation Department.

Collaboration of our three countries within the project should inspire sustainable development in the Polesie area, with not only environmental tasks but tourism issues solved. “The established reserve will be extremely interesting for tourists, enabling us to attract additional funds to develop Polesie,” adds Mr. Rachevsky. “Tourism will be tasked with preserving the ecology of the reserve, so that the biological diversity of the landscape remains unaffected.”

The Polesie area boasts ecological corridors of pan-European significance. Despite having an existing system of specially protected nature sites, the area is split between neighbouring states, with environmental and economic strategies differing on each side of the border. By uniting their efforts, Belarus, Ukraine and Poland will be able to co-ordinate and more effectively fulfil projects.

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