Progressive Motion

Economic policy aims to raise living standards
Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic of Belarus, Tatiana Starchenko, was quoted as saying at a press-conference that in 2006 socially-oriented market development of the country’s economy that was set forth ten years ago will remain.

“The corner-stone of the economic policy will be creation of the necessary conditions for intellectual development of a person and generation of the potential that will become the basis of the development of economy in the future”, — said, in particular, Tatiana Starchenko. According to the projections for social and economic development of Belarus in 2006, the population’s actual money income is to increase by 7–8.5%. With provision for the anticipated exchange rate and performance level, the average wage will reach the equivalent of $300. As Deputy Minister of Economy said, 2006 is a special year as it lays the groundwork for the next five-year term. Besides, the government has been working on the draft programme of social and economic development of the country till 2010.

President of Belarus approved 16 most important parameters by his decree. Of prime importance among them is gross domestic product that reflects the effectiveness of the economy and the economic growth. The rate of GDP growth in 2006 is to reach 107–108.5%. Besides, the calculation of this parameter and, in particular, industrial products will be carried out with the use of a new method — with regard to production volume index.
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