Profitable film making

CIS Council for Cultural Co-operation supports Belarus’ proposal for mutual film production

The Council’s recent session in Kiev focused on possible interaction in the field of cinematography, with Belarus suggesting a working group to oversee joint film projects and experience exchange between film companies.

Participants of the meeting were informed of reforms in Belarus’ sphere of culture, some of which relate to the promotion of film making. On July 1st, a law came into force ‘On Some Issues of Taxation in the Field of Culture and Information’, aiming to attract additional sources of finance and to create profitable conditions for the cultural activity of companies (irrespective of their form of ownership). The law promotes the development of charity activity and state-private partnership mechanisms, while granting tax privileges on profit, property and land tax.

Among Belarus’ priorities is the development of co-operation in the field of historical-cultural legacy protection. The Culture Ministry believes that a singe database on CIS legislation would enhance the efficiency of information exchange on organisational, legal, economic and other aspects of historical-cultural legacy protection.

The culture ministers of Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Moldova have supported Belarus’ proposal to set up a working group (featuring specialists from CIS culture ministries) to analyse national legislations. It would compile laws to ensure the protection of our priceless historical-cultural heritage.

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