Profit from thin air

Krion enterprise masters production of pure gases

By Alexander Timofeyev

Krion enterprise specialises in the manufacture of air separation products: liquid and gaseous oxygen, as well as technical and medical, in addition to gaseous and liquid nitrogen and argon. Moreover, it produces welding gaseous mixtures. According to Belneftekhim Concern, to which Krion belongs, the major consumers of air separation products are industrial enterprises and those involved in construction, agriculture and medicine.

Recently the enterprise modernised its air separation unit to generate purer oxygen for use in the medical, laser, electronic and electro-technical branches, as well as in analytical chemistry. Previously such units were imported. Moreover, the factory can now ensure nitrogen purity of 5.0. This is set to rise to 5.5 by the third quarter of the year, with argon of 5.0 purity generated in the fourth quarter.

Krion JSC hopes that modernisation of its air separation unit (to generate extremely pure nitrogen and argon) will save up to 200 tonnes of conventional fuel per year, while expanding the share of innovative produce to 10 percent.

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