Heat power plant #2 of Kalinigrad is an example of successful cooperation between Belarus and Russia
Belenergostroy JSC started building the first power unit of the plant in 2002, leaving behind more than 10 large companies that had taken part in the tender. The Belarusian company claimed it would complete the job three times faster than other contestants. “We proved we could combine speed, good quality and low cost,”— stressed Belarusian prime minister Sergei Sidorsky at the opening of the plant.

The considerable contribution Belarusian constructors made to the energy security of Russia’s western enclave was emphasized by chairman of RAO Unified Energy System of Russia Anatoly Chubais, President’s plenipotentiary in the North-Western federal district Igor Klebanov, Kaliningrad region governor Georgy Boos.

Kalinigrad’s heat power plant #2 is one of the largest in Russia. It’s total capacity amounts to 900 MW, while the power unit already built has a capacity of 450 MW. The power produced here will satisfy 70% of the region’s demand.

Constructors used the latest technology of exhaust-fired-boiler cycle, which allows to bring performance index up from 40% to 51%, save up to 25% of fuel, and cut pollutant emission. The second power unit, which will allow to export electricity, is to start operation in 2010.

The tender for its construction will start at the beginning of next year, and Belenergostroy JSC has already been invited to take part.

25 billion Russian rubles was allotted to the construction. Belarusians used almost 4 billion. The building of the heat power plant involved more than 40 Belarusian companies. Various products were shipped to Kaliningrad — from construction materials to interior objects for administrative buildings.
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