Professional judgements are always highly valued

Belarusian State Academy of Arts students to be screened as part of Belarusian Panorama non-competition programme at Minsk’s Listapad-2012 International Film Festival
By Tatiana Pastukhova

Rick Vermeulen is to be a special guest at the film festival, having organised similar events in Rotterdam and Transylvania. He is a Northern Film Festival selector (the largest regional festival in Holland), and is a member of the Dutch Film Fund’s advisory council. Mr. Vermeulen will be watching the screening of film shorts by students and graduates of the Academy of Arts, as well as giving a seminar entitled Strategies of Participation in Film Festivals and the Film Markets of Europe.

According to Listapad’s organisers, the seminar should help young cinematographers learn more about how films are chosen for festivals and how best to promote their works at an international level. Moreover, they’ll have the opportunity to ask Mr. Vermeulen questions and receive advice from the expert, who boasts over a decade of experience.

It’s hoped to create a regular professional platform for young cinematographers at the Listapad Festival, with master classes, seminars, screenings and creative laboratories being organised, allowing tomorrow’s film makers to meet professionals in the sphere of film production, direction and promotion.
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