Producers expected to receive dividends

United dairy company to open in Belarus by late 2011, informs Agriculture and Food Minister Mikhail Rusy, at 60th anniversary celebrations for Snov Agricultural Company (Minsk Region’s Nesvizh District)

By Nadezhda Radivonova

The company is setting up operations in the Brest and Minsk regions, with its state share exceeding 25 percent. Similar food associations are planned for other branches. According to Mr. Rusy, Belarusian products should be promoted under a single brand, uniting meat, dairy and vegetable products.

The united dairy company is to help those producing milk, as Mr. Rusy believes it’s unfair for farmers to be left with modest profits while processing companies and trade networks enjoy major earnings. Investors are interested in processing industry projects with rapid pay off periods (within two years), while Belarus is keen to develop its dairy companies (with the pay off period lasting for at least ten years). “We aim for not only processors but also producers to receive dividends,” says Mr. Rusy, adding, “By late 2011, two large food companies will have been set up, with others operating as part of holdings.”

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