Priorities set for the year

President Alexander Lukashenko to visit Ecuador, as he notes at Minsk meeting with Chair of National Assembly of Ecuador, Gabriela Rivadeneira Burbano
“I’m delighted to welcome a representative of such a geographically distant yet like-minded country as Ecuador to Belarus today,” noted the Head of State. He shared his impressions of having visited Ecuador in 2012, saying, “I’ve been to many countries, but Ecuador’s unique character is beyond compare.”

Gabriela Rivadeneira Burbano

The President of Belarus stressed that Belarus is gearing up for a top-level visit to Ecuador, adding, “We’re working on the agenda, with the accent on trade-economic dimensions. We should implement agreements reached during top-level talks with Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa, and will prepare a programme for the visit promptly.”

Mr. Lukashenko believes that Belarus and Ecuador should establish solid inter-parliamentary ties, since these will aid progress over the entire spectrum of Belarus-Ecuador interaction: in politics, trade, investment, and promotion of previously outlined joint projects.

The Head of State mentioned the operation of the Latin American inter-parliamentary assembly, saying, “I hope for your assistance in promoting Belarus’ interests in the parliamentary dimension.” He is eager to enhance our mutual wellbeing via trade-economic collaboration, as the foundation of bilateral ties. He emphasised, “We’re working closely on trade-economic issues in preparing for my visit to Ecuador.”

Gabriela Rivadeneira Burbano has arrived to meet Alexander Lukashenko with important news. Before the meeting, she held substantive negotiations with Belarusian heads of both houses of Parliament, bringing the signing of a parliamentary co-operative agreement. The Latin American Parliament, the Parlatino, headed by Ms. Burbano, has agreed to welcome Belarus as an observer. The geography of our presence in serious inter-state unions is ever expanding. A similar step was made last July, at the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation summit. These two events brightly characterise the multi-vector character of Belarusian foreign policy, which welcomes any constructive format of collaboration.

Parliamentary diplomacy is a vital element of inter-state interaction, and can go far beyond the borders of exclusively bilateral dialogue. The President is delighted with the Parlatino agreement, and has asked Gabriela Rivadeneira Burbano for her particular assistance in promoting Belarus’ interests within this structure. Dialogue should continue profitably. The guest extended best wishes from Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa, who is awaiting a visit by the Belarusian leader.

Chatting to journalists after the signing of the co-operative agreement between the National Assembly of Belarus and the Latin American Parliament (Parlatino), as well as between the Belarusian and Ecuadorian parliaments, the Chair of the National Assembly of Equador, Gabriela Rivadeneira Burbano, noted that co-operation with Belarus is very important for the creation of a multi-polar world.

She underlined that the Ecuadorian delegation is very proud of its visit to Belarus, aiming to raise relations to a higher level. Ms. Burbano expressed the readiness of Ecuador to sign six agreements on co-operation, across various spheres, and their speedier ratification. She also expressed deep satisfaction with Belarus’ joining of the Parlatino as an observer. “As Parlatino Chair, I’d like to assure you that we’re keen to strengthen interregional co-operation, and the collaboration of Latin American and Caribbean basin states with those of your region,” she asserted.

By Vladimir Khromov
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