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Alexander Lukashenko introduces new Head of the Presidential Administration Alexander Kosinets.

Priorities of responsible work

Alexander Lukashenko introduces new Head of the Presidential Administration Alexander Kosinets.

Reshuffle is a natural process in any country. The President of Belarus believes that nothing stands still and personnel decisions should be in sync with the changing environment.

“The position of the Head of the Presidential Administration is one of the key positions in our system of government. We have repeated many times that the Presidential Administration is the think tank of the Head of State. Much will depend on the person who will lead this think tank,” stressed Alexander Lukashenko. He described Alexander Kosinets as a skilful and determined leader with many years of managerial experience. Alexander Kosinets used to be the rector of one of the country’s leading universities and the Deputy Prime Minister while also being responsible for social security, healthcare and culture. For many years he was the Vitebsk Region Governor.

The President of Belarus believes that Alexander Kosinets will be able to handle new challenges due to his proactive stance, energy, determination, and acumen. The Head of State is convinced that Mr. Kosinets will give a new and powerful impetus to the work of the Presidential Administration.

Alexander Kosinets will be assisted by Nikolai Snopkov and Igor Buzovsky who were appointed Deputy Heads of the Presidential Administration. They both used to work in the Presidential Administration and have amassed a considerable experience of managerial work. Mr. Snopkov used to be Economy Minister, while Igor Buzovsky led the country’s biggest youth organisation. The Head of State expressed confidence that they would worthily perform their work at new sections.

The Head of State emphasised that personnel management is the main responsibility of the Presidential Administration. “You know my requirements: professionalism, full commitment to work, and, the main thing, result. I would also add selfless service to the people,” said the President. He also stressed that arrogance on the part of public servants and state officials is unacceptable.

According to Mr. Lukashenko, it will be necessary to seriously work with the database listing gifted young Belarusians. “It is the major treasure that we should work with. Yes, not all of them but many of them will become executives. We just have to come up with a system,” believes the Head of State.

The Head of State noted that the improvement of the personnel discipline is the main priority. “The requirements for senior executives will be toughened as the situation around the state is dramatically changing,” announced the Belarusian President.

According to the President, so called human factor is becoming very important everywhere: from ordinary workers and farmers to the prime minister.

By Mikhail Svetlov
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