Pretty good results in domestic tournament

Minsk hosts FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup

Minsk hosts FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup

On the final day of the competition, the strongest graces in the world fought for medals in individual events. Team leader Melitina Stanyuta won three medals, including silver for her exercise with the hoop and bronze for her ball and clubs routine.

Melitina Stanyuta

In her exercise with the ribbon, Yekaterina Galkina was close to winning a medal, just 0.05 points behind American Laura Zeng. Stanyuta came fifth, while, Russia’s Margarita Mamun took gold.

Another two medals were captured by our team: Ksenia Cheldyshkina, Arina Tsitsilina, Maria Kadobina, Maria Kotyak, Anna Dudenkova and Valeria Pishchelina were named best in the exercise with six clubs and two hoops, ahead of Italy and Israel. Meanwhile, in their composition with five ribbons, our team claimed silver, behind Russia.

Overall, our squad won seven medals in Minsk. Head coach Irina Leparskaya comments, “The tournament proved to be a success for the Belarusian team. Our girls showed good results in team and individual events, with two gold medals in the team events. We believe they’ll do well at the Olympics, as they are just coming into peak form.”

By Igor Svitov
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