Prestigious status of higher education

Around 2,000 Chinese citizens annually study at Belarusian universities

Around 2,000 Chinese citizens annually study at Belarusian universities, notes Vladimir Senko, the Chairman of the Standing Committee for International Affairs and National Security, at tenth session of the Council of the Republic

Over 120 agreements have been signed between Belarusian and Chinese higher educational establishments, with around 2,000 Chinese citizens annually studying in our country. Meanwhile, over 600 Belarusians studied in China last year.

The First Deputy Education Minister of Belarus, Vadim Bodush, notes that Belarusians are primarily attracted by degrees in language and translation, while Chinese citizens choose similar specialities in Belarus, as well as courses on international relations, international journalism, jurisprudence and economics.

The Council of the Republic has approved a draft law to ratify an agreement between the Government of Belarus and the Government of China ‘On Co-operation in the Sphere of Education’, enabling our two countries to strengthen interaction.

By Kirill Semenov
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