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Prestigious diploma should guarantee successful career

Students being prepared for British Master’s Degree in Minsk
By Inga Ivanova

A partner office of Oxford’s Magna Carta College (UK) has opened in the Belarusian capital, launching a unique Pre-Masters programme. The Executive Director of the new branch of Magna Carta College, Vadim Titov, explains that the programme offers preparation in readiness for taking a British business education MBA (Master of Business Administration) Degree — or any other Master’s programme. Candidates do not need an existing diploma of higher education or certificate of language proficiency.

The programme provides the opportunity to select any MBA course, studying on terms convenient for the applicant. According to Mr. Titov, the cost of the course is an affordable Ј350 and is delivered in English and Russian, with consultations offered by the British University’s academic staff. Mr. Titov underlines that Pre-Masters students have the unique opportunity to master English at a level necessary for studying in the UK. Students are also eligible for a 50 percent discount at language schools affiliated as Magna Carta College partners: Streamline, International House and VIP Mulberry Club.

The Pre-Master’s Certificate paves the way to the Magna Carta College Master’s programme (if an applicant has higher education and an English language proficiency certificate). According to Mr. Titov, this will allow students to receive an MBA diploma within a reasonable time, with minimum effort, as the major share of work will have been already conducted during the Pre-Masters programme.

Mr. Titov believes that a prestigious diploma guarantees a fruitful career internationally, as well as in Belarus, explaining, “Investment in world class quality education pays for itself in full. Vitally, investments in yourself are never lost.”
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