President of Belarus gives interview to Euronews television channel

On October 1st, Alexander Lukashenko shared his thoughts with Euronews
On October 1st, Alexander Lukashenko shared his thoughts with Euronews

euronews.pngThe Belarusian leader was interviewed by Sergio Cantone, the Head of the Euronews Bureau for Eastern Europe, which has an office in Kiev. During the one and a half hour interview, most questions concerned the situation in Ukraine, allowing the President to share his vision of the causes behind the acute internal political crisis — including armed opposition in the southeast of Ukraine.

Mr. Lukashenko noted the practical steps which could be undertaken, with assistance from the international community, for the quickest, peaceful settlement of the situation in Ukraine, for the benefit of all Ukrainian people. He stated, “When this conflict (in Ukraine) was just starting, individual western politicians asked me a question: ‘How do you view the situation in Ukraine and what should be done to stop this war?’ I, of course, did not want to discuss this, understanding that it wouldn’t bring results. Nevertheless, I told them that I had my own vision and offered to normalise the situation in Ukraine completely: including the political situation and without leading the country into war. We suggested the plan to the West without specifying anything at that stage, acting in strong belief that the West would not agree to the plan. Moreover, I promised that Belarus’ actions would normalise the situation in Ukraine, avoiding war. The West did not agree to this plan, meaning that it [the conflict] was profitable to someone.”

During the interview, special attention was given to the important role played by strong and responsible national state institutions. Where traditional instruments of international law are weak, such institutions are urged to prevent the chaotic, uncontrolled development of public processes, which can lead to social confrontation and conflict, with tragic consequences.

The interview with the Head of State was aired on Euronews TV Channel on October 3rd.
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