Preparing tomorrow’s workforce

State ready to assist families in preparing children for school, tackling problems thoroughly
By Vladimir Khromov

New school year preparations discussed during meeting between President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko and Education Minister Sergey Maskevich.

The meeting was also attended by the First Deputy Head of the President’s Administration, Alexander Radkov, discussing preparations for the new school year and enrolment into Belarusian educational establishments, as well as training of specialists in universities and vocational schools in accordance with the needs of the national economy, and the development of the education system over all.

The President stressed that the state is ready to provide funding to help cover the costs of schooling, if needed. However, he emphasised that funds must be targeted carefully and allocated directly for children, making note that parents unable to clothe their children properly may not be best placed to administer funds themselves. He explained, “You are aware of who such parents are in most cases.”

Moreover, the President drew attention to security issues, saying that everything must be done properly in schools and rules implemented without exception, to improve the level of discipline and organisation of work.

The meeting also tackled the implementation of the President’s instructions regarding the further development of the education system. The Minister reported on progress at secondary schools, alongside the development of professional education. Vocational education via regional colleges also came under scrutiny, with the emphasis on colleges offering training feeding directly into regional industry. The President is keen to address the needs of the country’s regions regarding personnel with vocational training, believing that modern colleges should offer appropriate educational programmes at a high professional level.

In addition, Mr. Lukashenko believes that training must include a practical element, with professional industrial experience, to best prepare tomorrow’s workforce. The Education Ministry has also been asked to look at contract-based training, with a view to improving admission rules into educational establishments.
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